Where did you come?

U, come from

That flesh? Of which?

The one that mirrors your hue?

Or, the one whose darkness seeps through?

Those wires that make up your being

are gradient sand particles aligned to the composure of one.

One code of imperfectability perfectly pasteurized

for the exposure of you to the eyes of the undeserved.

Do you believe? Do you fault?

Why subject yourself to a beauty of no scale

instead of raising your particles to the infinity power

to say

I Come From That Flesh. Yes.


There are black stretches of danger 

living on an island, surrounded

by a nothingness of darkened water

impaled by the pollution of man

yet still existing in harmony.

There are black stretches of danger

hunted for their skin

killed for a natural behavior

left piled as a message

if you kill one; we kill all.

There are black stretches of danger,

only because of perception,

living as they are, bothering none

hunted for personal pleasures

killed for being them 

in this world you decided to claim as your own. 

There are black stretches of danger,

Endangered, trying to live

but are hunted by _______________.

Jami’L Carter is a poet, fiction writer, and filmmaker. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from Southeastern Louisiana University and is pursuing an MFA in Film at the University of New Orleans. Since her youth, Jami’L has utilized writing to express her storytelling and truths. A young creative, she thrives to impact the world the best way she knows how, with her writing. She can be contacted at directorjca7@gmail.com. Her poetry can be found in Passengers Journal and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/jthapoet/.

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