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As Gil Scott-Heron stated, “the revolution will not be televised.”  Nor will it be monetized in an economic order that turns all inanimate, animate, and organic entities into commodities.  Still, your contribution will assist Decolonial Passage in presenting writing on our webpage that engages in the decolonial project.  Our goal is to support our website and offer remuneration in a not-for-profit, cooperative structure to our editorial team and contributors. (Said remuneration will not include the Founding Editor).  Another goal is to publish an annual anthology that showcases the writing of our contributors.

Assist Decolonial Passage in supporting writing engaged in the decolonial project — writing that advocates for liberty, authenticity, and community.

Send a one-time donation through PayPal and receive our writing journal as a gift. (5″X7″, 80 pgs.)

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Send a one-time donation of $12.00 through PayPal and receive our journal Writing Beyond Boundaries.