Issue #2: Food, Power, and Powerlessness

Letter From the Editor

During the Call for Submissions period of Issue #2, I immersed myself in the topic by taking a course on Food and Writing. The instructor offered excellent insights on how food is part of a universal culture that shapes our identities. She said humans have ten thousand taste buds and babies, even more; our sense of smell actually develops before sight, sound, and language; and our brains are built to remember taste.

Welcome to Issue #2 — a themed collection on Food, Power, and Powerlessness. We have challenged our contributors to write on topics as diverse as food and cultural heritage, food preparation and gender, the industrialization of food production, food production and imperialism, food sovereignty, food insecurity, and food deserts.

Thanks to all the writers who contributed to this Issue! Thanks and mutual respect to our dedicated editors who make Decolonial Passage possible!

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Thanks for your readership and continued support!

Audrey Shipp
Founding Editor